patented technology designed to take cordless vacuum cleaning suction power and endurance to the next level




introducing the lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner

the cordless fully realised*



now available on InDemand!

lupe pure cordless

despite being conceived many years ago most (all) cordless vacuum cleaners still don’t deliver on the purity of the original vacuum cleaner’s function: to truly clean by delivering powerful suction for a sustained period


that was, until now

introducing the lupe pure cordless vacuum cleaner

the cordless fully realised*




now available on InDemand!

unassuming on the outside, powerful on the inside

1. powerful motorised agitator for cleaning hair and deep-down dirt

2. dynamic front agitator collects large debris without wasting suction

3. patented suction intensifier boosts dust pick-up performance across all surfaces

now available on InDemand!

unrivalled suction power

unlike conventional models, the enduring power of the lupe pure cordless doesn’t come from speed but from strength


our patented suction intensifier delivers the strongest and most efficient useful suction of any cordless out there


although unassuming on the outside, the enduring power of the lupe pure cordless can be found within


now available on InDemand!

built to endure

power is nothing without endurance


unlike other models, it offers outstanding dust cleaning performance for a full 60 minutes

put simply, the lupe pure cordless cleans significantly more between charges than the competition


more cleaning, less charging 

60 minutes of deep cleaning on one single charge

That’s the power of pure

now available on InDemand!

Seeing is believing
seeing is believing

now available on InDemand!


flexibility like no other

the lupe pure cordless is a true 3-in-1 vacuum that offers the best of all worlds wrapped into one convenient package


​​​​rather than multiple cleaning heads, we focused on one head capable of cleaning all surfaces, one that seamlessly moves from one surface to another


because sometimes, one head really is better than two

now available on InDemand!